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Recruiting - New Cadet  Forms

1. New Cadet Forms Package

Also available at the Armoury.  

Includes Emergency Contact form

2. Emergency Contact Form

This form must be submitted each year

Training & Events

Forms Due

Date(s) of Event

Fall Tagging   (Online Registration)

12 Sept

13,14,15,16 Sept

Legion Birthday and Awards Dinner

20 Sept

23 Sept

Fall FTX at Rattlesnake Pt

19 Sept

21,22,23 Sept

Armoury Day   ((Online Registration)

24 Oct

27 Oct

Legion Poppy Drive    (Online Registration)

1 Nov

3,4 Nov

Remembrance Day   Glen Williams (Electronic Registration)

1 Nov

5 Nov

Remembrance Day   Georgetown (Electronic Registration)

8 Nov

11 Nov


Automatic Registration

1,2,3 Dec

102nd Aniversary Mess Dinner

6 Dec

16 Dec

Climbers Rock Indoor Climbing

 20 Dec

6 Jan


21 Feb

24 Feb

Armoury Day   (Online Registration)

11 April

14 April

Silver & Gold Expedition Centre Training

Automatic Registration

27,28,29 April

Candlelight Vigil   (Online Registration)

2 May

3 May

Spring Tagging  (Online Registration)

9 May

10,11,12,13 May

Canada’s Wonderland

23 May

26 May

Guelph Lake FTX

30 May

1,2,3, June

All Team Party

13 June

16 June

Year End BBQ

13 June

20 June

Summer camps and summer advanced training information is located on the Camps/Expedition page

Volunteer, Civilian Instructor and CIC Forms

Comments - Use of this form

Volunteer Registration Form

All forms, Vulnerable sector screening, and

Photo must be submitted at one time.

 ALL Civilian Volunteer and Support Committee members must have a completed volunteer registration form on file.

Civilian Instructor & CIC Registration Packages

Contact Capt Cameron

Photos in order of position on this page courtesy:  Butch Diamond, Major Wally Statz, Dept. National Defence