676 Lorne Scots Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps

Canada's Wonderland

OIC: Capt Bruce

Date: Saturday 25 May

Event Details:

A 1 day trip to Canada's Wonderland is being planned for Saturday 25 May. Cadets are responsible for their own lunches, dinner and snacks.  Transportation by charter bus.

Cadets with a valid seasons pass for Canada's Wonderland may attend this event for free with their seasons pass. A $10 transportation fee applies to cadets that did not tag

Admission tickets can be converted to a 2019 Season’s pass at the park with payment of an additional fee.

This is an optional Cadet event. You are requested to review the letter of consent and release of liability information before completing the form(s) listed below.

Cost to Cadet for This Event:

    Cost per cadet is based on spring tagging participation

Event Prices

No tagging  $45  ($35 admission ticket + $10 transportation)

1 Shift         $28

2 Shifts       $21

3 Shifts       $14

4 shifts        $7

5 shifts        Free

            Cadets with a season pass (Includes transportation, and early admission)

No tagging  $10 (transportation)

1 Shift         Free

View your cost to attend this trip (to be posted 13 May)


Saturday 25 May

   0830 Cadets arrive at the Armoury

   0900 bus departs for Canada's Wonderland


   1830 bus departs from Canada's Wonderland

   1900 Arrive at the Armoury

Kit List:

Cadets must bring the following items:

  1. Health card (your health card must be presented to board the bus)
  2. Properly dressed for the weather
  3. Hat
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Money for food drinks and snacks
  7. Bathing attire, Splash works will be open (optional),


Form(s) to complete and return to attend this event.

 Form(s) and payment must be returned on or before 23 May

Cost per Cadet is based on tagging participation. View your cost above.

1. Consent & Release of Liability Waiver Form   (Cadets complete and submit this form)

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