Army Cadet Summer Training


graduations & camp ceremonies

Blackdown - Graduation

Parents should be seated 30 minutes prior to the event.  Parents may pick up their Cadet for transport home after the event.  Cadets not picked up after the ceremony will be returned by bus to Milton the next day.  All Blackdown graduation parades will take place on the Blackdown main parade square.  Visitor parking is provided just inside the main gate of Blackdown, approximately a 5-10 minute walk away.  

Due to the extreme traffic congestion entering Blackdown for the Sunset and Final graduation ceremonies, expect a 60-90 minute delay parking once on the base. Arrive early to avoid missing the parades.


            TBA for 1000 hrs

      Blackdown - Sunset Ceremony

             Friday 11 August 2017

             Guests to be seated by 1745 for 1800 hrs

             The ceremonial parade is the culmination of the Cadets training

             Show casing their newly acquired skills in a spectacular display of pageantry

             Extra travel time should be allowed due to the anticipated traffic volume

Blackdown Final Graduation Ceremony

                               Thursday, August 17, 2017

                             Guests to be seated by 1745 hrs for 1800 hrs

                             Musical Displays commence 1730 hrs

            Connaught - Final Graduation - TBA

graduation & camp ceremonies