676 Lorne Scots


Officers & Staff

The 676 Lorne Scots Officers & Staff

Capt Dave Lima CD

Standards Officer

Summer Camp Officer

Unit Conflict Management Advisor

Marksmanship Team Coach

Capt Faith Bruce

Commanding Officer

Expedition Officer

Advanced Camp Officer

Orienteering Team Coach

Para Training Coach

Capt Dave Lima CD

Master Cadet Advisor

NSE Officer

The 676 Support Committee Executive Michele Cameron Support Committee Chair  Duke of Ed Advisor Legion Liaison Laine Fernandes Secretary Paul Carter Fundraising Chair Leah James  Duke of Ed Advisor Volunteers

CI Harold Rosborough, CD

Training Specialist

Drill Team Coach

Supply Star Level Officers

Lt Chris Morton

Gold Star Advisor

NSE Officer

About the Support Committee

The 676 Support Committee provides assistance to the Corps in the area of fundraising, recruiting of cadets and staff.  Members of the support committee also assist with administration duties, events and on Field Training Exercises.  They are an integral part of the operation of the 676 Army Cadet program.

The support committee is always looking for interested and motivated people to become part of the team.  You don’t have to have a cadet in the 676 Army Cadet program to join.  Email, call or stop by any Wednesday night for more information.  We look forward to meeting you.

Laura Bedal Treasurer

Lt Colin James

Training Officer

Corps Photographer

Assistant Marksmanship Team Coach

Lt Chris Morton

Admin Officer

Assistant Marksmanship Team Coach

Unit Safety Officer

Training Specialists & Team Advisors

CV Al Zilli, CD

Training Specialist


Radio Instruction

Cpl Charles Veale

Lorne Scots Regimental Liaison

OCdt Faith Routhier

Field Operations Officer

NSE Officer

Duke of Ed Advisor

676 Newsletter Editor

Gloria Walker

CV  Christina Green

Silver Star Advisor

Lt Cara Lacey CD

Red Star Advisor

Biathlon Coach

OCdt Faith Routhier

Green Star Officer

Capt Michael Cameron

Supply Officer

CV George Sturrock, CD

Assistant Supply Officer

Capt Michael Cameron

Deputy Commanding Officer

Supply Officer

Recruiting Officer

Public Affairs Representative

Drum Major Iain McGibbon, CD

Standards Officer