676 Lorne Scots Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps

Summer Camp Sign-up & Information Session

Dates: Wednesday 17 January & 20 June

On Wednesday 17 January at 7:15 pm, the information and signup session for the 2018 summer camps will be held at the Georgetown Armoury.  All forms for application to summer camps must be completed and submitted that evening.

Review the Summer Camp course descriptions

Parents Please Note:

  1. At least one parent or legal Guardian of cadets that wish apply for summer camps, advanced training, exchanges and staff positions MUST attend the information and sign-up session.

  1. Cadets must have an attendance of 60% or better to apply for camps.  Cadets that do not have this level of attendance at sign up or fall below this level before June, will NOT be eligible for summer camps.

  1. Cadets must have a minimum of Bronze fitness to be considered for summer camps.

  1. Cadets must have participated in mandatory events

  1. Cadets must be registered in the cadet program before 31 January to be considered for camp.

The information required to complete the forms is detailed below and should accompany the attending parent or guardian.

 •A pen.

 •The 3 camps, in order of preference, your cadet wishes to attend.


Offer Acceptance & Information Night Wednesday 20 June

Important Information to Parents

All parents with Cadets attending summer camps or advanced summer training will be required to sign offers of acceptance prior to your Cadet going to camp.  These offers of  acceptance will be available at the BBQ & Camp information night to be held on Wednesday 20 June starting at 7 pm.  All parents and cadets attending camp must attend.  

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